Ritik Sharma

A Full Stack Developer currently looking for new a challenge

LANGUAGES: Python, Bash, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS3, SASS, C/C++, PHP
FRAMEWORKS: React, Next.js, React Native, TensorFlow, Keras
SOFTWARES: Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, Tableau, Weka
DOMAIN: Mobile App Development, Website Development, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Computer Vision
CLOUD: Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services
TOOLS: Node.js, MongoDB, Git, GitHub, LATEX


  • Check

    Website Development contract from NGB Living

    Impressed by the results, the same German Company I formerly worked with as a Machine Learning Intern offered a full contract for website development and enhancement.

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    Finished my first freelance project

    Worked with a Malaysian client on a cross-platform mobile application using React Native. Finished the project with satisfactory results in 15 days.

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    Published my first research paper

    Published a paper for a complete product developed for detecting depression using vision.

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    Expedited another project at University of Cambridge

    Role: Cloud Machine Learning & Full Stack Developer
    Predicting Anemeia among users by predicting the Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, and Iron content from medical reports and images of the patients.

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    Landed an internship at a German Company

    Role: Machine Learning Intern
    Designed and deployed an interactive chat assistant using machine learning to automate the existing process for addressing customer queries about the company services.

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    Started working at University of Cambridge

    Role: Development Intern
    Finished three projects simultaneously and successfully developed three cross-platform applications using React-Native, and Flutter.
    Managed the Application development and Cloud team to deploy the software for clinical trials in parallel collaboration with the Machine Learning team.


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    First Internship at iPing Data Labs

    Role: Machine Learning & Computer Vision Intern
    Automated quality assurance for industry workers while ensuring safety paraphernalia and smooth execution of industrial processes using Computer Vision.

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    Elected as a technical advisor at the Association of Computer Engineering Students

    Established a competitive programming environment in the college, organised Hackathons and Webathons over 24-hours, created problems for the hackathon. Organized events and workshops based on tools and technologies like C, C++, Python, Java, R, Swift, PHP, and NetBeans, depending upong the students’ profile and requirements. Managed and organized technical festivals related to College and Department.